Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Food V - The Story of a Pizza in Sicily

First, you go to Sicily.


Then you find a restaurant with a hot pizza oven and order a pizza each.

IMG_4310Then you go watch ‘the best pizzaiolo in Sicily’ and take lots of self-explanatory photos while he is trying to chat you up in a Sicilian dialect which resembles Romanian so much, you have to wonder if the Romans invaded the Dacians or the other way around…

IMG_4314 IMG_4315 IMG_4316 IMG_4317



You obtain:

una pizza bufala con zucchini…IMG_4324

e una pizza capricciosa senza zucchini…IMG_4325  

You accompany the pizza with another Sicilian legend:IMG_4327

… or with a bottle of something more refined, unless a blonde nymph steals it from you before you get a chance…


… and you stuff your face… IMG_4326

…until you get to the last piece and you feel you are going to explode if you so much as smell it…IMG_4328






…but you just know you will regret it as soon as you walk out of that restaurant, so you just cannot bring yourself to leave it there…

IMG_4329 … and then you roll all the way home kicking yourself for not having stopped before that last slice.

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