Wednesday, 19 May 2010

4 Cats for Grabs

This is a desperate cry for help from 4 recently orphaned cats in Bucharest. Please reply to this post if you would like to adopt any of them. There are 2 females (Pumpkin and Mama) and 2 males (Tigger and Piglet, who are also brothers). They’re all 7 years old and have lived together all their lives.

1st candidate: Pumpkin (cutest of them all, always perching on a fridge or high cupboard where you expect her less, has hours and hours of fun and love to offer to a new family)


Pumpkin2 IMG_3853

 IMG_3865 IMG_3863


2nd candidate: Mama (Pumpkin’s best friend and companion for the last 7 years. Curious, cuddly, always curling around someone’s legs, always looking for love and being loved)

Mama1Mama2Xmas_2009_ 102

3rd and 4th candidates:

Tigger and Piglet (Tigger and Piglet are brothers and could not be separated after spending the last 7 years licking and cuddling each-other. They mostly entertain themselves, they are very clean, educated and lovable. Tigger is more serious, while Piglet is more curious and adventurous.)





Tigger1 Piglet1 Tigger2


And now the grand finale:





IMG00205-20100502-0934 IMG_3830


Xmas_2009_ 101 

All 4 cats are sterilised/spayed, vaccinated and up to date with their regular checks at their vet. They have lived indoors all their lives (7 years) and are very clean and trained to use the cat litter box.

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