Thursday, 15 April 2010

Day 1 - Clothes, tulips, old friends and pheasants

Yes, I think April 14th makes an excellent first day. After all, it has been a busy day and I have taken lots of photos throughout the day. So here goes:

My best friend, who lives in Sicily, needs help deciding what to wear at her son's christening in two weeks' time. So I took photos of some of my clothes first thing this morning, to help her decide. I will be flying to Sicily on the 23rd.

When I got to the office (late as usual), I changed the water for the bunch of tulips I was offered the day before by a ship captain's daughter (long story!). Then I took them out on the balcony for some fresh air and sun. Yep! You guessed... my office is opposite the ugliest and second biggest building in the world... the People's Palace in Bucharest.
The tulips look nice though...

In the afternoon, a former colleague from the Masters Degree came to visit me. He is Libyan, doing his PhD in Romania, and has just come back from Tunisia, hence the pack of Ben Yedder Cafe he brought with him. I helped him write an official letter to the Dean of the University, we talked about life, the Universe and everything, decided there was no point in researching, yet again, why the answer would always be 42 (and mice!) and since it was nearly the end of the work day by the time we had finished catching up, we left the office together and strolled towards Unirii Square.

Half-way there, I get a text message from another dear friend (British guy who has been living in Romania for over 10 years). I had given him a dead and frozen stiff pheasant the day before and he was supposed to defrost and cook it today, for both of us (and his four cats!) to eat. When we eventually got to his place, he started cooking, while the 4 cats were doing their best to look cute and be in the way:
Needless to say, I was ready to roll down the street after that feast, so I came back to the office (10 minutes' walk from my friend's place), as going all the way home seemed like such a long and useless journey to make, only to repeat it in a few hours' time in reverse... I will crash out on the couch as soon as I publish this.

That's about it for the 14th of April 2010.

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